The next generation of multi function ATM sensors

The next generation in multi function ATM sensor

MCM have developed and released a world leading multi function sensor specifically designed to be mounted inside a lobby ATMs that are exposed to new levels of threat and false alarm due to the nature of their location.

These Lobby ATMs are exposed to shopping trolleys, prams, cleaners. The sensor can detect and give separate outputs for:

* ATM Movement
* ATM Tilt (multiple levels of Tilt)
* ATM High Impact Detection
* ATM Temperature-absolute temperature reached, Rapid Temp increase or Rapid decrease
* ATM Light sensor
* ATM Door open· Sensor Fault

The sensor can give multiple sensor triggers allowing a scaled response from guards when multiple sensors are detected. One sense alarms may not require patrol such as....

* Shopping trolley impact
* Pram/stroller impact.
* ATM dispenser mechanism vibration

The sensor could give multiple alarms in specific situations such as:

* Door open: Door open sensor + light sensor + movement
* Impact: Movement, Impact, Tilt
* Movement: Movement , Tilt, impact